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Facilitated by social worker Zoe Levitt

Are you a senior (65+) struggling with life during social isolation? Looking for a safe way to connect with other seniors to discuss your experiences and challenges? Just need a friendly shoulder to lean on?

We invite you to join our free bi-weekly virtual seniors support group where you can learn coping strategies and feel more empowered.

Email for more info. 


Zoe Levitt, is a Master's trained Social Worker who has devoted her whole career of 28 years to working with older people and their families. She has worked both in hospitals as well as in client's homes. She is passionate about helping people work through any emotional, social and physical challenges they may have so they can continue to live and enjoy their lives as fully as possible. For more information, please visit 





A free, biweekly program for women who have experienced abuse. Led by a professional therapist. 

• Participate in a small group setting

• Improve your self-esteem

• Increase your trust in others and yourself

• Form supportive relationships

• Practice yoga, mediation and self-care

• Enjoy nutritional snacks, pottery workshops and trips to the MNjcc Fitness Centre 


Ongoing admission. Call Michelle at (416) 924-6211 x147 or email to find out if this group is a good fit for you. Confidentiality is assured.


Our mindfulness workshops and courses vary throughout the year.   If no programs are displayed when the button is clicked, it simply means we are not offering anything at the present time. Stay updated by subscribing to Wellness at the J




Your kitchen, our community!

It’s been a long time since we’ve been allowed to open our doors and we can’t wait to be back. But in the meantime, why not spend an hour together?

Join us once a month for another Member’s Brunch and a themed discussion.