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corporate support

The Miles Nadal JCC presents corporations with a unique opportunity to be part of a community hub in downtown Toronto with a very diverse audience. Through sponsorship, the MNjcc can continue to grow its many programs as well as bring people together. When you become a corporate partner of the MNjcc, we agree to offer the highest degree of promotional exposure available for your level of investment. We are happy to customize benefits to meet your needs and to increase impact. 

For information on Corporate Donations and Sponsorships, contact the Development Office at or 416.924.6211 x 6118

Corporate Matching Gifts

Did you know many companies offer a matching gift program to encourage philanthropy among their employees?  And that some companies will even match to spouses and retirees? By simply completing a matching gift form you may be able to double, or even triple, the impact of your gift! Please check with your company's Human Resources department to see if they offer a matching gift program. 


It takes many helping hands to make MNjcc programs and events successful. In addition to, or in lieu of cash sponsorship, the MNjcc accepts Gift-In Kind support. Here are a few ways you can assist:

  • Partnership to execute a program or event

  • Sponsoring the cost of producing a program/event brochure, flyer and/or postcard

  • Providing premium recognition prizes for event registrants

  • Food and/or beverages for an event/celebration

  • Computers, printers, technical support

To make an in-kind gift to the MNjcc, please contact or 416.924.6211 x 6118

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