This program provides an extensive curriculum for those who are committed to integrating mindfulness practice into their lives. Learn how to take better care of yourself through the interplay of mind and body, and mobilize your inner resources for coping, growing and healing.

A program modelled on The Stress Reduction Clinic at The University of Massachusetts Medical School – A Meditation Based Program, Mindfulness is the practice of moment to moment non-judgemental awareness of the life experience. This is an ancient art that is beneficial in maintaining optimal physical, emotional and mental health and is an effective means of working with Stress, Chronic Pain, Anxiety, Depression, Addictions and other afflictions lending themselves to management through the use of mind/body techniques.

The workshop consists of eight weekly sessions lasting two and a half hours and a Sunday retreat. Home practice is a requirement. Group work includes practice in various meditation techniques, mindful movements and discussion of relevant reading material.

The course is challenging and life-affirming. It aims to provide a safe, supportive, and deeply engaging learning environment that allows participants to seek, explore, and inquire.





What can you do each day to release yourself from fear and discover the natural joy and peace that are within you, always? In his NY Times bestselling book The Untethered Soul, Michael (Mickey) Singer presents a compelling explanation of why we feel fear, why we don’t feel okay, and what we can do about it.


Simply put, we cling to what is pleasant and avoid what is unpleasant. Every time we do that, we create internal blockages. We create so many that we are repeatedly triggered and bothered. The way out of this predicament is to let go. The thing is, letting go runs against everything we’ve been taught about how to be happy. In this 6-week Zoom course, you will learn exactly how you unintentionally create blockages, how they destroy your happiness, and how to practise letting them go.

As you learn to release your blockages, you can become the person you want to be. You notice things that used to bother you no longer do. And you can be in touch with the joy, love and enthusiasm that have always been there but were covered up.



A group for young adults (ages 18-28)

A 6 week group session that will provide a platform for you to meet others in the community and build connections to support mental health challenges and stress management. You will learn ways to manage and cope with stress and support one another in navigating the challenges that come with young adulthood.

Each session will be 75 minutes and include an experiential grounding exercise, a discussion topic and a gentle wellness exercise. Each session will have a theme to learn more about a wellness topic and to facilitate discussion to provide everyone with a chance to share their thoughts and learn from one another.

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