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The MNjcc’s Community Wellness program is a free community initiative, funded by United Way Greater Toronto, that aims to support and offer opportunities to develop resiliency, wellness and connection. These programs and classes were chosen with the understanding that wellness and resiliency is an ongoing, developing practice of self-care, and that by connecting with each other, we can grow and build thriving, supportive communities.  The Community Wellness program addresses many areas of our lives for holistic balance and restoration: physical, emotional, mental, and social. When you complete classes in all four areas of wellness, you can graduate with a Resiliency and Wellness Certificate.  


At this time, all classes will be taking place online via zoom. For help with registration, please contact or call at (416) 924-6211 x 0. For program details, please contact Amanda Penner at


NOTE: You do not require any equipment for any of these classes.

Levels of Intensity: 

(1) All activities are done in a sitting position 

(2) Gentle and slow pace, easy to follow, ideal for all levels including beginners

(3) Easy to follow full-body movements with some floor exercises

(4-5) Medium to high-intensity exercises 

Emotional & Mental Wellness

4 Week Mindfulness Training for Emotional Resiliency with Amanda Penner (1)

This four-week class offers learning and sharing around such topics as mindfulness, emotion regulation, what happens to our brains and bodies when we are under stress, and what we can do to calm and change our patterns of reaction to stress.




Physical Wellness

Dynamic Stretch and Strengthening with Jeff Cheong (2,3)

If you have not been exercising for a while but you are ready to move and sweat a little without pushing yourself too much, this is the class for you.  In this class, we provide 15 minutes of moderate to vigorous-intensity aerobic exercises and 20 minutes of resistance exercises, followed by 10 minutes of stretching and cool-down.

Yoga for All with Karmit Ifrah (1,2)

This yoga class is specifically designed to serve all levels and modifications will be provided if necessary.  In each class, the basic, foundational yoga postures will be practised to align, strengthen and promote flexibility in your body.  Brief breathing techniques and meditation will be integrated.


Social Wellness & Connection


Social Connection Group with Amanda Penner (1)

When we have experienced trauma and ongoing stress, we can feel alone and isolated. Add these dates to your social calendar! Each class will be an opportunity to connect with others in a relaxed, casual way




Life Skills 

A Holistic Approach to Health

You are invited to explore a natural approach to a happy, healthy, and active lifestyle! In this workshop you will learn many wellness tips and tools that you can implement into your daily activities, empowering you with the knowledge to improve the quality of your life! Be ready to embark on a new journey, the holistic way!

Defining Personal Values and Goal Setting

In this 90-minute interactive workshop participants will establish and refine their personal values, evaluate their level of satisfaction in various areas of life and learn how to set realistic goals to increase these satisfaction levels and gain forward movement in areas of life they may feel stuck. 




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Complete at least one class in each category and earn a Resiliency & Wellness Certificate!