mnjcc vaccination policy

Proof of full vaccination is now required for anyone (ages 12+) to access the MNjcc premises.

You are required to show your:

1.  second dose vaccine receipt (paper/digital)

2. a piece of government-issued photo identification

Who does this policy apply to?

All members, visitors, staff, contractors and guests (ages 12+).


What else is the MNjcc doing to stop the spread of COVID-19?

Our current procedures of symptom screening, physical distancing, personal protective equipment, cleaning protocols and handwashing will remain in place.

Do I have to wear a mask since I'm vaccinated?  Given the improvement and general reopening in the province, masks are still be required throughout the fitness centre except when working out on a piece of equipment.  In group exercise classes, you may take off your mask only once you are in your designated 'square'. Members can choose to be more cautious and wear a mask but for those who don’t want to - that is fine also; many of our older-aged members cannot exert themselves with masks for fear of fainting. We need to slowly and cautiously start opening up to the broader community, of course, guided by the appropriate metrics of COVID 19.  Fortunately, with all of our protocols, we are mitigating risk extremely well.  We need to trust that our community is being respectful and honest when doing the self-reporting screen. We follow distancing; we enforce masking while not on a piece of equipment or in a group ex square, and we have verified that our ventilation systems exceed recommendations.  The community spread is currently quite low as reflected by our positivity rate < 2%, R factor <1 and a well-immunized community.

What can I bring as proof of vaccination?

Proof of Vaccination is the receipt or other documentation (QR code, digital photo or hard copy) indicating the date of the final dose; an individual is considered fully vaccinated 14 days from that date.


I don’t know where to find my proof of vaccination

Proof of your vaccination can be downloaded from the Ontario Ministry of Health.


What do you mean by “Full Vaccination"?
Definition: Person must have received two (2) doses of a World Health Organization (WHO) approved vaccine or one (1) dose of a WHO-approved single-dose vaccine, at least 14 days prior to the date of entering our premises.

Can I email or mail in my vaccination proof to the MNjcc?

Please DO NOT email or mail your proof of vaccination. You will be required to show your proof at the door and no other method of delivery will be recognized.

Who created this policy?

This policy was written with the unanimous support of our Medical Advisory Committee and Board of Directors 

Are you going to change this policy at some point?

We reserve the right, as a private business, to amend any and all details in this policy in accordance with provincial mandates.  We will notify our community of any important changes. 

Are you going to keep my proof of vaccination on file?

The MNjcc will not retain any proof of vaccination documents that are provided by members or guests. Accordingly, you may be asked to provide such proof on each occasion that you enter the premises but we are working on a process to mitigate this issue. 

I'm just bringing my child to swim lessons.  Do I still need to show proof?

Yes.  Anyone 12 years of age or older must show proof of full vaccination at the door in order to enter our premises.

I’m not vaccinated.  Can you allow me an exemption or can I show a negative covid test?

Only those with proof of full vaccination (ages 12+) may access the MNjcc premises. We do not view success as denying people access to the JCC, rather we strive to influence more people to make the decision to become vaccinated. Furthermore, the frequency with which our members and program participants are typically present at the JCC makes accepting COVID tests in lieu of vaccines logistically impractical.

According to the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario, there are very few legitimate medical reasons not to get vaccinated against COVID-19. They include an allergist-or immunologist-confirmed severe allergy or anaphylactic reaction to a previous dose of a COVID-19 vaccine or to any of its components or a diagnosis of myocarditis — inflammation of the heart muscle — and pericarditis, inflammation of the sac around the heart, after receiving an mRNA vaccine.

I have no intention of getting vaccinated, so what now?
We wish you would reconsider your choice because this is a matter of public health. Also, getting the vaccine is quite easy.  Just visit

I want to get vaccinated but I haven’t got around to it yet.  Where can I go?

It is very simple to book!  Just visit

If you need additional assistance, please reach out to our friendly Help Desk at 416.924.6211 x 0 or 

Will your staff also be vaccinated?

We have implemented a mandatory staff and contractors vaccination policy in accordance with our Medical Advisory Committee and Board of Directors.

I have a question that you haven't answered here.  Who should I contact?

If we did not answer your question, please email