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Miss Israel? Go back for a virtual visit.


We know.

At times, we all can get overpowered by feelings of missing Israel. Now, thanks to our new series, Virtual Tours of Israel, collaboration with Jewish National Fund (JNF) Canada, you can go back, at least virtually, at the click of a button. This fascinating series, developed especially for the MNjcc Israeli Connection, goes deep into the myriad cultures of Israel often unseen, even by Israelis themselves. Each led by an expert local guide, this series offers a peek into Israel’s unique hidden diversity.


Jerusalem: City of Contradictions

Date: February 22

Jerusalem is a complicated and wonderful place. This tour provides an overview of the different segments of the capital city’s population – Jewish, Christian, Muslim, religious, secular, young, old, east, and west - telling the story of this unparalleled place through the myriad story of its people.

Tel Aviv: Israel’s LGBTQ Community

Date: March 29

Tel Aviv is the heart of the LGBTQ community, not only in Israel but in the entire Middle East. This tour takes you through the streets of Israel’s most vibrant city and explores the people, places, and events that have defined this colorful segment of Israeli’s social fabric.


Zichron Yaacov & Daliyat al-Carmel: Women Pioneers

Date: April 27

Focusing on the period between the first Aliyah in XXX date and the end of WWI, this tour tracks the inspiring true stories of women who trod an unpredictable path. Visit Sarah Aaronson’s cypress in Zichron Yaacov and hear the story of this brave and valiant woman spy. Learn about the Druze women entrepreneurs of Daliyat al-Carmel. And pop by the Art Gallery at the Center for Herbs and Spices and learn about the love affair of Alice Oliphant and Nartali Hertz Imber, the poet who wrote the Hatikvah.


Galilee: A Multicultural History

Date: May 25

Get a historical and cultural overview of Gush Halav, Galilee and learn about: the Circassians in Rehaiya, whose tragic passage from the Caucasus to the Middle East through the Turkish Empire was marked by forced conversion from Christianity to Islam; the Bahai in Akko, whose incredible gardens are a colourful testament to their beliefs and heritage; and the Bedouin in the Wadi Salameh, whose nomadic culture represents a unique sect of the Muslim world.


Beer Sheva & the Negev: Tradition vs. Innovation

Date: June 22

Beer Sheva, the crown jewel of the Negev, is a place of unique social contradictions. Perched between its traditional historic roots and its increasing identification as a center for innovation, this fascinating place bears deeper exploration.

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