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Enjoy professional instruction in a small group environment. Learn wheel and hand-building techniques, including pinch pot, coil and slab methods. Open to participants of varying levels.  Beginners welcome.



Pottery (for adults)

Create something uniquely yours! Participants will learn wheel and hand building techniques, including pinch pot, coil and slab methods. Open to participants of varying levels. Instructor: Carolynn Bloomer. To register 416-924-6211 x0. For more information 416.924.6211 x6251.


I Made it out of Clay (Mezuzah Making) - Sundays, Jun 2 and Jun 9, 1-3 pm

Join us for a hands-on pottery workshops for youth ages 6-12.

Make your own Mezuzah! Part 1 will be sculpting, Part 2 will be painting.

Special Programs
The Gallery at the J

Bringing Art to Life

Our Annual ECE Gallery Exhibit

The Sheva Early Learning Framework is coherent with the culture and teachings of Judaism in everyday life, values, and principles. The classroom environments are set up in a collaborative approach to learning and engagement between educators and children while being inspired by the seven Sheva lenses within the framework. In Hebrew, the number seven translates to Sheva which in Judaism can be thought to be a feeling of fullness or wholeness. As the children create their projects, they can feel a sense of fulfillment as their ideas come to life. This year's projects represent how Bringing Art to Life can embody one of the seven Sheva lenses.


The Toddler, Preschool, Junior Kindergarten, and School-Age children have selected and highlighted the foundation of each lens within their creative work.


1. Masa: Journey (Reflection, Return, and Renewal)

2. B’rit: Covenant (Belonging and Commitment)

3. Hit’orerut: Awakening (Amazement and Gratitude)

4. K’dushah: Holiness (Intentionality and Presence)

5. D’rash: Interpretation (Inquiry, Dialogue, and Transmission)

6. Tzelem Elohim: Divine Image (Dignity and Potential)

7. Tikkun Olam: Repair of the World (Responsibility)


The children whose creations are exhibited range from age 18 months to 12 years. These creations were all based on their initial interests. Educators observed and followed their lead.

This exhibit runs from April 1 - 28, 2024.

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Call for Submissions

The Gallery at the J is seeking artists and partner organizations to participate in our 2024 season! We are attracted to artwork that tells a story. We want our viewers to experience a journey - yours and theirs. 

Artists and organizations are asked to examine universal values through a Jewish lens. Each month has been assigned a theme/subject which represent a selection of our core principles. Please carefully review the criteria before submitting. (We acknowledge the additional themes associated with months of the year such as Asian Heritage Month and Black History Month. If there are themes and subjects you are not seeing that you feel we should include, please write to for future consideration)   


Please click these links for additional information:




Restorative Creativity - Saturdays, 2-4 pm

Shabbat is a great time to slow down and get closer to the world around you, to engage your senses and your sense of wonder by observing and processing our experiences through mark- and art-making. Using the Jewish Studio Process, we’ll gather in textual inquiry and art-making, ground ourselves with restorative creativity, let our minds wander with materials in hand, and nourish ourselves with deep play.

Upcoming dates:

Apr 20

May 25

Jun 15

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