No Silence on Race

    August 17, 2020 

    Today, we are proud to announce that the MNjcc has signed on to No Silence on Race: an open letter challenging Jewish institutions to commit to anti-racism, written and endorsed by a broad coalition of Jewish people of colour.  

    We welcome this call to action. Jewish tradition teaches us that the pursuit of justice is sacred and active work. Work that requires reflection and commitment. Work that is never done.  Jewish history and experience create within us a burning desire to root out racism in all its forms so that all people will know freedom and equality.  

    Over the course of more than 65 years in the heart of downtown Toronto, the Miles Nadal JCC has created a community guided by the Jewish values of embracing diversity and welcoming all. We regard the diversity of our community as a source of strength and richness. We strive to be a Centre where our community may be their full selves and where we work actively against all forms of discrimination and hate, including anti-Black racism, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, ableism, and xenophobia.   

    And yet, we recognize that more work needs to be done. As much as the MNjcc serves as a destination for all people to live moments of joy, health, and values – it must be a place where action happens and where we address racism both within the Jewish community and in the broader society in which we live.  

    Today and every day we affirm – Black Lives Matter. 

    We stand with the Black community, with Jews of Colour, with the Indigenous community, and with communities of colour in Toronto against all forms of hatred and oppression—and specifically against anti-Black racism.  

    We are committed to building upon our inclusive culture, reflecting the diversity of those we serve.  

    We are committed to providing an accessible and equitable employment environment.  

    We are committed to being partners and allies, and to amplifying the voices and efforts of other organizations engaged in the work of anti-racism.  

    We commit to begin with these steps. 

    Preliminary Commitment to Action: 

    1. Senior Leadership:  Our work towards living our values of anti-racism and inclusion will be led by Senior Leadership and our Board-Staff Task Force on Anti-Racism, Inclusion and Equity, including our Executive Director and our Director of Accessibility and Inclusion.  We are working with Tema Smith, a local consultant and educator in anti-racism.  

    2. Staff and Organizational Culture: We will conduct an environmental scan and survey to explore the employee and organizational culture at the MNjcc to determine staff needs and identify opportunities to further align policies and procedures with our values. We will launch a staff advisory committee on anti-racism and will centre the experiences and needs of BIPOC staff. We commit to providing all MNjcc staff with anti-racism and anti-oppression training.  

    3. Community - Allyship and Partnerships: We will launch a community advisory committee on anti-racism; we will continue to pursue and expand partnerships with BIPOC groups and Jews of Colour organizations; we will deepen our partnerships with Circles of Reconciliation; we will expand our partnerships with newcomer, accessibility, and LGBTQ+ organizations and collectives; we will bring together diverse community voices in our programming and offer the community a platform to explore and discuss diversity and anti-racism through programming, and we will offer Jewish community groups a platform to explore and discuss diversity and anti-racism through the more than 45 organizations of the Downtown Jewish Community Council.  

    4. Education Programs: We are committed to diversity and inclusion in our education programs. We will embrace the opportunity to broaden our Jewish cultural and educational programs by developing programming that celebrates diverse and multi-cultural Jewish identities. We will audit our curricula in both children’s and adult education to ensure that we are teaching through the lens of diverse histories and anti-racism. 




    •Build the next generation of MNjcc community
    •Be the community hub of downtown Jewish life
    •Build on our successful leadership in Inclusion

    • Go digital and operate in modern ways
    • Strive to be a destination for excellence, by focusing on what we do best and enhancing the JCC experience
    • Increase opportunities for engagement and strengthen our financial sustainability 

    • Be a community-oriented fitness and wellness centre that welcomes and retains the next generation
    • Strengthen our portfolios in therapeutic and inclusive fitness and wellness
    • Win on program experience and build a culture of engagement


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