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The Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre is proud to offer you completely free access to our On Demand programming,  live, interactive wellness programs on Zoom from your home, and Strength of Self classes, which will also be held online.


Though the MNjcc is forced to close its physical building due to COVID-19, we wanted to sustain our important role as a community centre and gathering space, providing various connections and supports, recreation, cultural and wellness opportunities to our valued community members.


These are our offerings to you.


Yoga, Pilates, Cardio, Dance Fitness, Meditation, Art lectures, Documentaries and more



NOTE: You do not require any equipment for any of these classes. Levels of Intensity: 

(1) All activities are done in a sitting position 

(2) Gentle and slow pace, easy to follow, ideal for all level including beginners

(3) Easy to follow full-body movements with some floor exercises

(4-5) Medium to high-intensity exercises 

Awakening Joy with Mindfulness (1) with Jooli Park

Awakening Joy with Mindfulness series will not only help you through these challenging times but will give you the energy and aliveness to awaken all the goodness inside you and in those around you. Mindfulness is not outside of you. It is something you already know and you just have to learn how to pay attention to it. Each class will provide a guided mindfulness meditation, interactive group exercise, and a short lecture on the science and concept of mindfulness. This program is open to all and you do not require any experience to participate in this program.

Give yourself the gift of wellness by taking a mindful pause, experience moments of clarity, calmness and learn to manage emotional ups and downs more skillfully. You can become resilient.

Mon, Thurs, Dec 24-Mar 25, 10am-10:45am

Women-Only Yoga & Pilates (2,3) with Karmit Ifrah

This class will provide a fusion of yoga and pilates and, help you feel more balanced inside and out.  From the modality of yoga, you will learn to breath better and improve your balance and overall physical strength.  With the Pilates method, you will learn to activate the intrinsic muscles and improve your posture.  At the end of each class, you will not only feel taller and lighter, you will experience more calmness and centeredness. 

Mon, Jan 18-Mar 29, 1:30pm-2:15pm

Women-only Fitness (3,4) Women-Only Fitness with Stephanie Fung

This women-only fitness class will help you improve the health of your bones, gain muscular strength and endurance and prevent fall-related injuries. In each class, you will learn to increase cardiovascular capacity through endurance and cardiovascular training and perform full-body movements including core strengthening exercises.

Thurs, Jan 21-Mar 25, 2pm-2:45pm

Gentle Fitness & Aerobics (2,3) with Jeff Cheong

If you have not been exercising for a while but you are ready to move and sweat a little without pushing yourself too much, this is the class for you.  In this class, we provide 15 minutes of moderate to vigorous-intensity aerobic exercises and 20 minutes of resistance exercises, followed by 10 minutes of stretching and cool-down.

Tues, Jan 19-Mar 30, 11:30am-12:15pm

Wellness in the Kitchen (1) with Lusine Stephanian

Your wellbeing can start in the kitchen.  Join a facilitated discussion and share new ideas about making healthy meals and snacks for you and your family.  Every class will be facilitated by a certified holistic nutritionist and there will be opportunities to learn new tips to prep nutritiously balanced meals and snacks.

Tues, Jan 19-Mar 23, 1pm-2pm

Yoga for All (1,2) with Karmit Ifrah

This yoga class is specifically designed to serve all levels and modifications will be provided if necessary.  In each class, the basic, foundational yoga postures will be practised to align, strengthen and promote flexibility in your body.  Brief breathing techniques and meditation will be integrated.

Wed, Dec 23-Mar 31, 11am-11:45am

Fitness Bootcamp (4-5) with Khem Nariedet

 This is an ideal fitness class for anyone who wants to be challenged.  The instructor will put you through fun and dynamic workouts combined with kickboxing, core conditioning drills and full-body functional training.  If you have any joint pain and/or mobility limitations, please try the Gentle Fit & Aerobics first before joining this class.

Wed, Jan 20-Mar 31, 12pm-12:45pm

Mindful Movement (2) with David Leopold

This class will provide low impact movements using a combination of Tai Chi and Qigong techniques. Each class will offer balance, coordination and breathing exercises to help strengthen your immune system by stimulating your parasympathetic nervous system.

Fri, Jan 22-Mar 26, 11am-11:45am



4-week, Emotional Resilience with Mindfulness (ERM)

Emotional Resilience with Mindfulness (ERM) is a brief 4-week psychoeducational program that teaches you introductory mindfulness and emotional regulation skills. This program facilitates you to explore mindful awareness in your daily life and help you recognize and manage difficult emotions and develop a sense of groundedness. This is a great preparatory program for the 4-week Loving-Kindness and Self-Compassion program.  

Wednesdays: Feb 3 - Feb 24, 1pm-2:30pm (Women-Only)

4-week Loving-Kindness & Self-Compassion (LKSC)

This program is open to anyone with an interest in taking better care of themselves. Every class will incorporate the practices of loving-kindness and mindfulness for emotional regulation, self-compassion and self-kindness. The tools and techniques offered are practical, accessible and translatable to many of life’s circumstances and environments.

Class #1 - Being kind to yourself

Class #2 - Listening to your body

Class #3 - Bringing in difficult emotions

Class #4 – Pathway to self-compassion

Experience level: All levels  •  Tools & Materials: Comfortable seat, pen and paper

Tuesdays: Feb 23 - Mar 16, 3 pm - 4:30 pm (For All)

Wednesdays: Mar 3 - Mar 24, 1 pm - 2:30 pm (Women-Only)

Strength of Self (Women Only)

The Strength of Self program is a wellness support group offered to women who have experienced trauma. Bi-weekly gatherings include meditation, mind-body connections, and discussion topics that focus on resiliency, wellness and self-care. Led by a professional psychotherapist, this group offers opportunities to develop self-trust and supportive relationships.

Mondays and Thursdays • 11 am – 1 pm
Block 1: January 11, 14, 18 & 21

Block 2: February 1, 4, 8, 11, 15 & 18

Block 3: March 1, 4, 8, 11, 15, 18 & 29

Inquiries about Strength of Self and women-only programs, please contact Amanda Penner 416.924.6211 x147

The Winter Community Impact Initiative is supported by the Government of Canada's Emergency Community Support Fund and the United Way of Greater Toronto.  The women-only classes and the Strength of Self program are supported by the Government of Canada's Emergency Community Support Fund and The Toronto Foundation. These programs will be funded until March 31, 2021.  

For more detailed information about the overall programs, please contact the Program Manager, Jooli Park;


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For help with registration, please contact or call at (416) 924-6211 x 0.

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