socializing & gaming



Participate in different activities, check-in with your friends and meet new people! For youth 16-30 with developmental disabilities and/or ASD, and open to all. Group is facilitated.



Dungeons & Dragons

Dive into the world of Dungeons & Dragons in this fantasy and fiction storytelling game Collaborative storytelling is the core activity. We will safely mediate and explore identity, empathy, agency and reflexivity. This program is entirely online. Designed for youth 18 - 35 with developmental disabilities and/or ASD and open to all. This program is offered in partnership with Dream Weavers and Level Up Gaming.



One-click programs! No materials required, no prep time beforehand, and no switching between different Zoom meetings! Youth can join and participate independently. This program is designed for young adults 18-35 with ASD and/or developmental disabilities, and is open to all!


NEW: Sign up for Spring Fun Intensives One Day Workshops: Drama Games // Glee Club // Arts & Crafts and/or Musical Theatre