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We offer a number of low-cost options to help promote your event/business/service etc.

Please fill out this form and you will receive confirmation of your request within one business day. 

All advertisements/promotions are subject to discretion and availability.


Want to know what dates are available and when our Pulse issues are sent?  Click Here

Thanks for choosing to advertise with us. We cannot guarantee that the dates you have requested will be available as demand for our space is often high, but we'll be in touch within one business day to confirm and discuss your request.

I would like to advertise in the following places
How many consecutive weeks would you like to book?
How would your prefer to pay?

We understand that not everyone has easy access to a graphic designer, so we offer the service to you.  We will  do the graphic design for your ad, and/or the printing (if needed).   Do you want to hire our graphic team?

$150 per designed item // printing costs vary

in our bi-weekly newsletter

Reach over 16,000 people with a full-colour ad in The Pulse 



1080 x 1080 PIXELS

on screen in our fitness centre

People won't be able to miss your ad as they enter and exit! 



1920 x 1080 PIXELS

in a large frame facing bloor street

 This space sees thousands of people/foot traffic every day.



36" W x 48" HIGH

prominently on the side of our building

Achieve maximum visibility over our entrance or north-facing stairs



168" x 42"  //  136" x 32"

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