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Women Make Movies: The First Female Directors

From the inception of the moving image in the 1890s, women have been at the forefront of the industry, yet the history of their contributions to film as an art form have largely been forgotten. Famous in their day, these women were purposely written out of the first histories of film. This virtual lecture will uncover the significance of pioneers such as Alice Guy, Lois Weber, and Dorothy Arzner. Co-presented by the Miles Nadal JCC Adult Daytime Culture and Education and the Toronto Jewish Film Society. Guest speaker: film critic Alicia Fletcher


Hollywood, Cold War Paranoia and The Blacklist

Fall 2022 marks 60 years since the Cuban Missile Crisis and the release of the Cold War psychological thriller The Manchurian Candidate. Fueled by the frenzy of the McCarthy era that resulted in the Hollywood Blacklist, the studios pandered to the ‘Red Scare’ by releasing anti-Communist propaganda films, while screenwriters and directors – some of them blacklisted and creating under assumed names – produced films as allegory, vehicles for hidden political and societal commentary. This five-part series explores this volatile and fractured time in film history. Co-presented by MNjcc’s Adult Daytime Culture and Education and the Toronto Jewish Film Society. Presented in partnership with the Toronto Film Society.

Guest speaker: film critic Adam Nayman