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The Shtetl: The Real, The Fictitious and the Nostalgic – Part II 

This companion to our winter 2021 series examines the people who lived and worked in the Shtetls, including the challenging responsibilities of women, the influence of the Hasidim, and the role the feldshers played in treating illness and disease. Join us as we continue to understand why the Shtetl is so important in contemporary Jewish consciousness and how it shapes our understanding of Ashkenazi Jewish history. 

Guest speaker: Joseph Gilbert

The Purim Shpiel Throughout History 

One of the most beloved and raucous traditions of the Jewish holiday Purim is the shpiel - Yiddish for ‘play’. Usually a dramatization of the biblical story of Esther, these plays often include modern settings, pop culture references, political satire and parodies. What are the origins of these performances? Were they influenced by similar European celebrations or plays? Did they have any hidden meanings? Discover the fascinating history of these centuries-old presentations. Presented in partnership with UJA Committee for Yiddish.

Guest speaker: Miriam Borden 

From Gilgamesh to Gucci - The What, Why And Wear Of Clothing Through History

As Shakespeare wrote: “The apparel oft proclaims the man.” This statement can be true of an entire society - the outward ‘look’ of a culture is a reflection of many aspects, including available materials, technology, climate, religion, politics and sex. This three-part illustrated virtual series will explore how societies from Babylon and Egypt to Carnaby Street and Paris have re-shaped, decorated and disguised our bodies, and how garments have evolved to become personal statements and high fashion.

Guest speaker: Phillip Silver

Annual Beverley Fingerhut Memorial Lecture: Peggy Guggenheim and her Impact on Twentieth Century Art

Not only was Peggy Guggenheim ahead of her time but she was the woman who helped to define it. She discovered and nurtured a new generation of artists producing a new kind of art. Through collecting not only art but often the artists themselves, her life was as radical as her collection. Join Alexandra Epps for a unique story of art and life and the evolution of a remarkable modern art collection, still housed today in the heart of her beloved Venice. Presented in partnership with The Women’s Art Association of Canada. Generously sponsored by the Fingerhut/Metcalfe family. Please note: Due to copyright issues, this virtual event will not be recorded.

Guest speaker: Alexandra Epps

Exploring Toronto’s East End

East Toronto – full of varied and vibrant neighbourhoods - refers to one of the oldest sections of our city east of the Don River. Marta will use archival and current images to explore the rich and diverse histories of Riverdale, Cabbagetown and The Beach in this three-part virtual illustrated series.

Guest speaker: architectural historian Marta O’Brien