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Historical Lectures and Discussions

The Miles Nadal JCC offers the highest quality affordable arts programming for adults and seniors. Our lecture series and special events feature some of the best guest speakers and performers Toronto has to offer, all in an intimate and welcoming setting. We invite you to experience moments of discovery and connect with our community. For more information please contact  If there are no programs when the button below is clicked, it simply means we are not offering anything at the present time.  Stay updated by subscribing to Culture at the


Yiddish Voices of Kensington Part II: The Everyday Lives of the Early Jewish Immigrants

A companion to Vivian’s Yiddish Voices of Kensington: From Radical Poets to Rabbinical Scholars, this virtual lecture will highlight the occupations and preoccupations of Toronto’s early Yiddish-speaking community from 1900 to the 1930s, including finding employment, starting a business, courtship and marriage, fraternal organizations and benevolent societies, Yiddish vaudeville and theatre, and the impact of events in Canada and Europe. Generously co-sponsored by the UJA Committee for Yiddish. Presented in partnership with the Ontario Jewish Archives. Guest speaker: Vivian Felsen


Plagues Before and After The Exodus from Egypt

According to the Old Testament, the Israelites were freed from slavery after a series of plagues in Egypt. Did The Exodus - The 10 Plagues - occur as written? In addition, there were many plagues before and after the Exodus. Although not well described in the Tanach (Hebrew Bible), there were severe consequences, some that changed history. What were the causes? Were there any remedies? The origins, mythology, as well as scientific theories behind some of them, will be discussed. Guest speaker: Dr. Joseph Gilbert

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