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Historical Lectures and Discussions


The Architectural Innovation of Moshe Safdie

Renowned Israeli-Canadian-American architect and urban planner Moshe Safdie sees architecture as “a generous act of connecting us to nature and creating meaningful spaces of community that serve as catalysts for vibrant public life.” This two-part multi-access series traces that inspiring notion, from his rise to fame with Montreal’s Habitat ’67, to his projects in Israel, to his current international eminence and advocacy of socially responsible projects around the world. Guest speaker: Dr. Peter Harris.


Darwin, Evolution and the Judaic Response

More than 150 years after Darwin published his groundbreaking work On the Origin of Species, debating the relationship between science and religion continues. In 1859, the Theory of Evolution elicited many reactions within the Jewish community and created an urgent need for reflection and response. How did Jewish theologians and thinkers approach the concept of Natural Selection? How do these ideas impact our values about human life? Can religion and science live side by side? Guest speaker: Dr. Joseph Gilbert


The Clothes Make the Mensch: Jewish Fashion Designers

When we think of ‘fashion’, we usually think of names like Dior, Yves St. Laurent, Chanel, Armani - not Lifshitz! Yet, many seminal designers, entrepreneurs and innovators in the world of fashion have been Jewish. In this three-part multi-access series, learn about famous and lesser-known fashion icons of Jewish heritage who have had a significant effect on women’s and men’s fashion in the past, the present, and with a hint to the future. Guest speaker: Phillip Silver, award-winning set, lighting and costume designer

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