Please arrive 15 minutes before your time slot

You may enter the building 10 minutes before your time slot and will be allowed in the building 10 minutes after it, to change. There is a strict cut-off of 5 minutes after the start of the booking where you will not be permitted into the building. If your name is not on the attendance list, you will not be permitted entry. It means you did not complete the registration/purchase correctly. No exceptions.


Go to our south entrance off Spadina Avenue.  (MAP)

A staff member will check to ensure you have registered for the time and ask some COVID-related questions. Masks are mandatory in all shared spaces of the building at all times. Members must be out of the building 10 minutes after the end of your time slot.

Understanding Zone A and Zone B

These zones indicate where in the locker rooms you are allowed to change before and after using the pool, and where to wait on deck. The zones will be clearly marked on lockers in each changing area as well as on deck.  Please use ONLY the zone you have been pre-assigned.

Locker Rooms

  • You are able to use the men's/women's locker rooms or the family/all gender changeroom.

  • You must either store your belongings in the designated day lockers or bring them onto the deck. We do not have locks for sale/rent.

  • Amenities in the locker rooms will not be available (showers, sauna, steam room, whirlpool, hairdryers).

  • There is no towel service so please bring your own towel.

  • You are required to clean your changing area before and after use. Wipes and spray bottles will be readily available for you.  


Masks are mandatory when moving throughout the building; this means you must be wearing a mask as you enter the pool area as well as in the locker rooms. You can hang your bags and masks on the pool deck hooks or on the benches.

Using the Pool

When you are changed, head onto the pool deck and wait under one of the designated Zone A or B signs for your time slot to begin. Once the guard signals the start of your swim, you may remove your mask and must use the shower on deck to rinse thoroughly. You must remain 6 feet apart on deck and in the pool at all times.



Due to our limited capacity, you MUST CANCEL if you cannot make your reserved time slot (see below in red). How to cancel your reservation: Download the Amilia App, log in and cancel or email with the day and time slot you wish to cancel


Cancellation Policy

  • 48  hours  or  more   →  100%  credit  to  your  account  (to  be  used  at  a  later  date)

  • 24 - 48  hours   →  50%  credit  to  your  account  (to  be  used  at  a  later  date)

  • 24  hours  or  less  →  no  credit  to  your  account

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We all know that swimming is a fantastic exercise. It works muscle groups all over your body and is great for helping develop both your strength and your endurance. It’s also an important life skill to keep practising, and lane swimming is the ideal environment to train yourself to become an even stronger swimmer. You never know when you might need it. Lane swimming is also a fantastic training ground for swimmers who may take part in amateur events, such as open water swims, triathlons, etc. Regular lane swimming sessions help burn fat and build muscle. This is all because of the extra resistance the water places on your body. Water offers six times as much resistance as air, meaning you need to put six times as much effort into moving yourself through it than you do through air and it’s this resistance that makes lane swimming such great exercise. This extra resistance that water offers, however, is also great for helping you avoid, or recover from, injury. This is because it supports the joints and it means that there’s no impact going through them, meaning you’re much less likely to contract an injury while exercising, while it also helps you build up strength after an injury without the risk of making it worse.