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ACCESSIBLE ARTs & education

Arts and Culture



Musical Theatre

An accessible and creative musical theatre program for young adults with developmental disabilities and/or ASD. Our instructor will work with participants to learn classic and contemporary musical theatre numbers, with a showcase at the end of the program.




Introduction to ASL

Come learn ASL (American Sign Language) with us! Skills taught will include vocabulary, finger spelling and the introduction of grammatical structures. Deaf Culture studies will be incorporated into the curriculum. Note: This is a cumulative class, and we strongly encourage students to attend all sessions.


RelatABILITY - Healthy Relationships

RelatABILITY program is a multi-week, interactive workshop series about consent for youth and adults with developmental disabilities. The program uses a wide range of activities to bolster participants’ knowledge and understanding of consent and body ownership, with an emphasis on increasing self-advocacy skills within relationships. RelatABILITY programming recognizes the importance of providing accurate information about gender and sexuality to promote healthy relationships. This program is offered in partnership with CANVAS Art Action Programs.


Build An Empowered You

Learn about developing your life skills to be more independent, and feel empowered. Designed for young adults with developmental disabilities and/or ASD, and open to all. This program is co-partnered with Recreational Respite

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