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Upcoming Programs/Events



Please click here for a listing of services (sorted by date) offered by members of the Downtown Jewish Community Council

High Holiday Listings


Purim Comedy Show: The Detective Disappears

Written by Fenton & White

Presented in partnership with Smile Theatre

Sherlock Holmes, Watson and Mrs. Hudson have retired and moved downstairs to 221A Baker Street, when… Holmes vanishes without a trace on his birthday! Have Watson and Hudson learned enough of the famous detective’s methods to solve what may become the most important case of their lives? We’ll have hamentashen and prizes for best costumes – so put on a detective outfit or costume and join in the fun!


Shabbat Programs


Families at the J: Chanukah!

Our annual family Chanukah celebration! Featuring activities for ages 0-10, including: Maccabee jungle gym, Chanukah Singalong, holiday crafts and games, face painting, photo booth, your favourite seasonal snacks, and so much more! Advanced registration is required. 10$ per person, kids 0-2 free. Questions? Contact


Restorative Creativity

Shabbat is a great time to slow down and get closer to the world around you, to engage your senses and your sense of wonder by observing and processing our experiences through mark- and art-making. Using the Jewish Studio Process, we’ll gather in textual inquiry and art-making, ground ourselves with restorative creativity, let our minds wander with materials in hand, and nourish ourselves with deep play.

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