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Israeli connection   החיבור הישראלי


The Israeli Connection is a special initiative of the MNjcc, it brings together ex-pat Israelis to connect, navigate, celebrate, network, and tap into a wide variety of programming and resources (in both Hebrew and English) geared to newcomers, temporary residents, and permanent residents, alike. When you tap into the Israel Connection, you become part of a supportive, helpful, and extended family. The Israeli Connection is supported generously by UJA Federation, as well as Mosaic United. If you’re new to Toronto or new to the Israel Connection, we encourage you to please reach out and say hello!  

  החיבור הישראלי בדאונטאון טורונטו הוא הבית הרחק מהבית שלכם. אנחנו מציעים לכל הישראלים המתגוררים בלבה הפועם של העיר מגוון תכנים ופעילויות לאורך כל השנה, במטרה לאפשר לכם להפוך לחלק מהקהילה היהודית ישראלית בעיר. המרחק מהבית, הניתוק מהשפה, התרבות הכל כך שונה וגם מזג האוויר המאתגר יכולים ליצור תחושת זרות וניכור. אנחנו פה כדי להזכיר שיש לכם מקום להרגיש בו שייכים! עם אירועים בשבתות וחגים, פעילויות לילדים ולבני נוער, אירועי תרבות והרצאות מרחב להכיר חברים וליצור קשרים משמעותיים ומקום לחקור את הזהות הישראלית, יהודית לכם.

התכנים שלנו מתקיימים באנגלית ובעברית ונגישים לכולם. כי השפה שלנו היא גם תרבות, ערכים וחלק בלתי נפרד מהזהות שלנו.

Upcoming Programs


Teens  מתבגרים

#JLife, our leading program for teens, has become one of the most successful programs for teens in the GTA. With the pandemic, we had to rethink how we connect our teens to each other, to their roots and culture, and their own Israeli-Jewish journey.  For more information about #JLife, contact Liraz Rolnitsky at or 416.924.6211 x 6321.

Lost Tribe eSports is the next frontier of the Jewish community. They are changing the game on how Gen Z connects with each other and to Jewish life. The MNjcc is a proud partner. Click here for upcoming Under 18 Teen Tournaments



Lost Tribe Esports is committed to facilitating a safe space for Jewish teens and adults to game. We have a zero-tolerance policy for any bullying and harassment and work to make sure our tournaments and communications channels are welcoming and respectful places for ALL our gamers, regardless of background, gender, and ability. Please read our code of conduct for more information.

Ben Halpert is the Founder of Cyber Savvy Kids and a security consultant for Lost Tribe Esports. Parents, please visit for more information on how to keep your kids safe online.

Discord is a safe, highly moderated platform that Lost Tribe Esports uses as a convening place. From Discord, participants can compete in Lost Tribe Esports’s online tournaments in a safe space. For more information please read Parent’s Guide to Discord.




Do you have a Jewish teen in grades 6-12 who is looking for a fun, engaging, and meaningful way to connect with friends, Jewish Israeli roots culture and community? If so, you should sign them up for #Jlife Connect, a new MNjcc Israeli connection initiative supported by Mosaic United and UJA that will offer them a unique and rewarding Jewish experience. Our initiative seeks to strengthen ties within the Canadian Jewish and Israeli community, providing a support system against adversity. Through targeted education, we aim to arm our teens with the tools to discern and challenge misinformation, fostering a commitment to truth.

Encouraging meaningful community involvement is another key aspect. By engaging in projects that contribute positively to society, our teens become ambassadors for our values, actively countering negative stereotypes.


Yoga for the Hostages - Saturday, Mar 9, 7:30-8:30 pm

Inspired by reports of hostage Carmel Gat teaching yoga to fellow hostages, Israeli Connection and Fitness offer a special community yoga class in solidarity with the hostages and their families. Come together in community for a meaningful yoga experience while keeping the hostages held in Gaza at the forefront of our minds. Proceeds from this event will go to the MNjcc's effort to support the families of the hostages and the Israeli community. This event is in partnership with Emerging Communities, UJA Federation, Mosaic United, and the Israeli Canadian Project-Prosserman JCC. Please wear black. Mats will provided, but please feel welcome to bring your own mat.

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