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What is Jewish&

Half Jewish? Part Jewish? An eighth Jewish on your grandfather’s side?  

You don't need to quantify or qualify your Jewishness! We welcome you and everything you bring to the table at Jewish& - a program that explicitly gathers multi-faith, multi-cultural, multi-ethnic folks and families for Jewish exploration, education and celebration. 

From our ‘Building The Jewish& Coobook’ workshops to our Jewish Foundations classes, webinars on celebrating holidays and life cycle events from a Jewish& perspective, and our monthly community zoom check-ins, Jewish& is here to meet you wherever you are on your Jewish journey. 


Upcoming Programs


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We’re so proud of the outstanding programs and events we offer. Now we’re hoping we can count on you to support us! Any amount helps. 

Jewish& Resources


18Doors (Formerly Interfaith Family) 

18Doors empowers people in interfaith relationships— individuals, couples, families and their children—to engage in Jewish life and make Jewish choices, and encourages Jewish communities to welcome them. 

Jews of Colour Canada  

Jews of Colour Canada is a social group and online community for Jews of Colour and our allies in Canada. 

No Silence On Race 

No Silence on Race is born out of the necessity for racial equity and inclusivity in Jewish spaces in Canada. 

The Jews of Color Initiative 

The Jews of Color Initiative is a national effort focused on building and advancing the professional, organizational and communal field for Jews of Color. 

Global Jews 

Be’chol Lashon (Hebrew for “in every language”) strengthens Jewish identity by raising awareness about the ethnic, racial and cultural diversity of Jewish identity and experience. 

Danforth Jewish Circle 

The Danforth Jewish Circle is a joyous & inclusive, accessible & inspiring, egalitarian & independent Jewish community. Our members include singles and families of all ages who come from diverse Jewish backgrounds and cultural traditions, interfaith and intercultural families, and the full spectrum of sexual orientations and gender identities 

There's always something going on with the folx at Jewish&. Check below to learn about everything we have in store right now!


Jewish& Rosh Chodesh

A monthly opportunity for connection for the Jewish& community. 

Coming up:

Mar 11, 7-8:30 pm

Apr 8, 7-8:30 pm

May 9, 7-8:30 pm

June 6, 7-8:30 pm

July 6, 7-8:30 pm

Aug 6, 7-8:30 pm


Jewish& Synagogue Scouts

Interested in exploring congregational life in Toronto, but unsure of what might be a good fit for you/your family? Anxious about stepping into a new synagogue space for the first time? Come explore Toronto’s synagogues with your Jewish& community. Together we will scout out different services, experience what they have to offer, and hear directly from their leadership about how they are welcoming Jewish& (interfaith / mixed heritage / multicultural) people and families into their communities. Bring your curiosity and your questions, and let’s explore! Be sure to sign up for our mailing list to hear about more upcoming scouting trips.


Coming up:

March 2: Congregation Darchei Noam

March 30: Makom: Creative Downtown Judaism

April 6: Beth Tzedec Congregation

May 11: Annex Shul


Jewish& x Kitten and The Bear: Hamantaschen Bake and Jam Tasting - Sunday, Mar 10, 2-3 pm

Join us for a very civilized Pre-Purim Sunday afternoon with Toronto’s #1 confectioners, Kitten and The Bear. KATB’s Sophie Kaftal and Jewish&’s Lauren Schreiber Sasaki will guide us as together we bake up some delicious hamantaschen*, filled with classic and innovative artisanal preserves featured in the Kitten and The Bear cookbook, on shelves this spring.


Jewish&: Couples and ConversationTM - Tuesdays, Mar 19 - Apr 9, 7-9 pm

Couples & ConversationTM is a 4-week workshop on building a life together as an interfaith* couple. (*Intercultural, Dual-faith, Mixed Heritage, Jew-ish...) Being part of an interfaith/Jew-ish/multi-faith/however-you-define-yourself couple can be challenging, but you don’t need to find the answers alone. This 4-week workshop facilitated by 18Doors rabbis offers a safe environment to work on creating your religious/cultural lives together. Couples are invited to participate if they are seriously dating, engaged or newly married, exploring the issue of religion/culture in their relationship.


Judaism 101 - Thursdays, Mar 28 - May 16, 7-8:30 pm

Judaism 101 is an intro to Judaism class for everyone! It welcomes those who identify as Jewish or not, and those who have prior knowledge of Judaism or don't. The eight-part class explores the "Jewish bookshelf" and foundational topics of Jewish living, including Shabbat, the year cycle, lifecycle events, synagogue, and spirituality. For questions please contact:


Jewish& At the Toronto Holocaust Museum - Wednesday, May 8, 7-9 pm

More information coming soon.


Jewish& In The Market: A Tour Of Kensington’s Layered Stories - Sunday, Jun 2, 10 am-12 pm

Peel back the layers of Kensington’s trendy bars and enter a world of pushcarts and pamphlets, bagels and bushel baskets, delicatessens and clothing outlets, when Kensington was home to a vibrant, bustling Jewish community and Spadina Avenue was its “cosmic spine.” We’ll walk through time, recapturing what novelist Matt Cohen called “an infinity of delectable possibilities, an adolescent theme park throbbing with folk music… protest marches, idealists of all ages…” as Kensington’s Jewish community connected with the broader city and gave way to new waves of immigrants and new countercultures.


Sing Along! It's Passover - Wednesday, Apr 17, 7-8:30 pm

Whether it’s your first time at the table or you’re looking for some new material to make your seder come alive, we invite you to join us for a songful evening you won't want to pass over. Learn the greatest hits and discover new favourites from the Passover songbook.. This workshop, led by Rabbi Ryan Leszner, will take place in person at the Miles Nadal JCC. All are welcome regardless of identity, experience or ability. Presented in partnership with Jewish& at the Miles Nadal JCC, Congregation Darchei Noam, 18Doors, with support from Kolel Legacy Fund at the Jewish Foundation of Greater Toronto.

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