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Half Jewish? Part Jewish? An eighth Jewish on your grandfather’s side?  

You don't need to quantify or qualify your Jewishness! We welcome you and everything you bring to the table at Jewish& - a program that explicitly gathers multi-faith, multi-cultural, multi-ethnic folks and families for Jewish exploration, education and celebration. 

From our ‘Building The Jewish& Coobook’ workshops to our Jewish Foundations classes, webinars on celebrating holidays and life cycle events from a Jewish& perspective, and our monthly community zoom check-ins, Jewish& is here to meet you wherever you are on your Jewish journey. 






We’re so proud of the outstanding programs and events we offer. Now we’re hoping we can count on you to support us! Any amount helps. 



18Doors (Formerly Interfaith Family) 

18Doors empowers people in interfaith relationships— individuals, couples, families and their children—to engage in Jewish life and make Jewish choices, and encourages Jewish communities to welcome them. 

Jews of Colour Canada  

Jews of Colour Canada is a social group and online community for Jews of Colour and our allies in Canada. 

No Silence On Race 

No Silence on Race is born out of the necessity for racial equity and inclusivity in Jewish spaces in Canada. 

The Jews of Color Initiative 

The Jews of Color Initiative is a national effort focused on building and advancing the professional, organizational and communal field for Jews of Color. 

Global Jews 

Be’chol Lashon (Hebrew for “in every language”) strengthens Jewish identity by raising awareness about the ethnic, racial and cultural diversity of Jewish identity and experience. 

Danforth Jewish Circle 

The Danforth Jewish Circle is a joyous & inclusive, accessible & inspiring, egalitarian & independent Jewish community. Our members include singles and families of all ages who come from diverse Jewish backgrounds and cultural traditions, interfaith and intercultural families, and the full spectrum of sexual orientations and gender identities 

There's always something going on with the folx at Jewish&.  Click the button below to learn about everything we have in store right now!


Jewish& Rosh Chodesh

A monthly opportunity for connection for the Jewish& community. 


The Jewish& Cookbook: Donuts with Corey Mintz

People know what donuts are. What you may not know is why they are a beloved and significant Chanukah treat. Learn how you can safely make them at home, because a donut is exponentially better when it’s fresh. This holiday workshop can be fun for the whole family – but only a grown-up should do the deep-frying.


Join us (almost) every month as together we build the Jewish& Cookbook – recipes from households blending traditions and cultures! Celebrate Jewish diversity and cook-a-long from your home kitchen or just pull up a seat and watch.


Jewish& Hamentaschen Swap

The Jewish Cookie Holiday is coming, and we're here to answer the age old question - what kind of hamentaschen would you be if you could be any type of hamentaschen? Bake up a batch, print out your recipe, grab your tupperware and join your pals from the Jewish& community to snack, swap, and build the Purim gift basket of your dreams! It's misloach manot (purim gift baskets) in real time! We'll also be collecting for Matanot Levyonim (gifts for those in need), so be sure to bring some canned goods too.

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