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Theatre Technician

About this Role


  • Working hours vary as they are based on the theatre bookings calendar – staffing schedules are determined on a monthly basis.

Key Duties and Responsibilities:​​​

  • To be present in the theatre, when scheduled by the technical director, and to supervise the correct operation of the theatre’s technical equipment and the safety of all personnel working in the theatre during load-ins, load-outs, rehearsals and public presentations.

  • To operate video, lighting and/or sound equipment during events or to supervise their operation by other technical staff on the call.

  • To open and prepare the theatre before the arrival of theatre users and to ensure that all theatre entrances are locked following all performances, screenings, rehearsals, load-in and strike calls.

  • To uphold Al Green Theatre policies in a firm, but polite manner.

  • To liaise with event organizers and other Al Green Theatre staff to ensure the smooth operation of events, rehearsals, set-ups and strikes in the theatre.

  • To work technical maintenance calls as requested by the Technical Director.

Qualifications and Requirements:

  • Technical experience (lighting, sound, head technician) in a theatre, performing arts centre, or community centre environment

  • Experience with live sound (set-up, mixing, troubleshooting) required

  • Experience in theatrical lighting (hanging, focusing, patching, operating) required

  • Experience with video projection systems required

  • Experience with a variety of performance types (music, theatre, dance, film) is an asset

  • Ability to problem solve under pressure while maintaining a friendly demeanor.

  • Working knowledge of the Occupational Health and Safety Act

  • Good interpersonal skills

  • Good organizational skills including the ability to work independently and set priorities

  • Thrives in a fast paced environment

  • Strong leadership skills

  • Team player

  • Strong logistics skills

  • Adaptable

  • Good oral and written communication skills, including the ability to accurately interpret and summarize information in a clear and concise manner.

  • First Aid & CPR certification is required (training will be provided).

  • Human Resources training as mandated by the Ontario Government (training will be provided).

  • Candidates must be able to legally work in Canada.


Salary and Benefits:

  • $22 per hour plus vacation pay

  • Free Fitness membership


A member of the Al Green Theatre team, the technician is responsible for the overall technical set and execution of events. The Technician’s primary function is to work with the event organizer on the day-of the event to assist with meeting lighting, sound and video requirements for each event. In addition the Technician liaises with theatre clients and front of house staff to ensure the smooth execution of events, and uphold theatre policy and procedure. The Al Green Theatre is a fast-paced, professional and collaborative work environment which hosts a wide range of arts and community events from film screenings, to concerts, panel discussions and theatrical and dance presentations.

Casual Part-time Starting Immediately

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