school's out

(tdsb p.a. days)



We know how difficult it can be to make arrangements for your child when schools are closed for professional development and we're here to help! On P.A. Days we offer a fun and fabulous program where your children are kept safe and busy with a variety of fun and stimulating activities. Join us once, twice or on every P.A. Day!

Children in grades SK - 6 will enjoy a fun, safe, and active day. An average School's Out day will include games or sports in the gym, snacks and lunch, outdoor play, arts and crafts, free play, cooking, science, swimming and more! 



Each P.A. day costs $70 per child.  4% CIF & HST charges may apply

Please contact Anna Somers for more information.



If no programs are displayed below, it simply means we are not offering anything at the present time. Stay updated by subscribing to Families at the J

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are unable to offer School's Out at this time.

We will continue to evaluate this decision as the school year progresses.