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Thanks to the generosity of longtime donor Freddie Shore, the Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre is able to offer free swim and aquatic leadership classes to people of all ages. Through Mr Shore's generous continued support, the MNjcc can extend its reach and continue its important work towards preventing unnecessary drowning tragedies. For more information about the Freddie Shore Learn to Swim Subsidy, contact Wendy Moss at (416) 924-6211 x 6231 or

The application form is available on our Financial Accessibility page and can be emailed to

Please note that we will not be accepting applications by mail or in person.


Parent + Tot lessons

$30 per class


30 minute group lessons
$30 per class

45 minute group lessons
$45 per class

Semi-private lessons
$55 per child per class

30 minute private lessons

(all ages and levels)
$65 per class

Please read through carefully before you register 

  1. Registration is online or in-person

  2. Our swim lessons are available to the public, not only to our members

  3. All classes will have waiting lists to join after they are full

  4. If you have any questions or require help with the registration process/new levels, please don't hesitate to contact (

  5. For information about our cancellation policy, click here

  6. To register a second child for semi-private instruction, please email 


Our swim lessons strive to make water safety active, engaging and age-appropriate.  Our programs also come with recognition tools to encourage each swimmer’s success, no matter their age or ability.  We teach all five strokes (front crawl, back crawl, breaststroke, elementary backstroke, and sidestroke), and promote a love of water, fitness and endurance.  Group and/or Private Lessons are available for ages 6 months and up. 



Spring swim lessons are still available! 


Summer Camp Swim Test Prep

Want to continue building up your swimming skills or prepare for your summer camp swim test? Sign up for our summer swim test prep program. Our instructors will further develop swimmers' skills, allowing each swimmer to gain confidence in and around the water.


Bronze Medallion and Bronze Cross Crash Course

Get your Bronze Medallion and Bronze Cross in two weeks!

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