swim lessons



The MNjcc follows Canadian Red Cross Swim Lesson guidelines.

Our swim lessons strive to make water safety active, engaging and age-appropriate.  Our programs also come with recognition tools to encourage each swimmer’s success, no matter their age or ability.  We teach all five strokes (front crawl, back crawl, breaststroke, elementary backstroke, and sidestroke), and promote a love of water, fitness and endurance.  



Swimming is one of the best activities you can do for yourself. Whether you’re a child or adult, swimming engages many of your muscles and has stress-reducing effects. Learning this skill is setting yourself up for a lifetime of worthwhile experiences in and around many bodies of water.

Though there are many positive benefits of a group environment (see classes above), one size does not fit all. If your child needs additional attention or learns at a different pace than their peers, private lessons may be an excellent option to consider. Ready to dive in?


When arriving for your lesson:

  • Entrance to the building will be through our main doors on Spadina Avenue. Masks are required to enter the building

  • A staff member will check your temperature and ask some COVID-related questions

  • Please arrive 15 minutes before the lesson

  • Please be advised – strollers are no longer allowed in the building                                          


Before the start of your lesson:

Masks are mandatory in all shared spaces of the building, please ensure you are keeping your mask on until you reach the on-deck showers.

Please make your way towards the locker rooms. You are able to use the Family Changeroom, or whichever lockerroom you identify with. 

You may either leave your belonging in the locker rooms or bring them on to the deck. Please ensure you are wearing your mask as you head into the Aquatics Centre. 


Please note: There are no day lockers available in the Family Changeroom

Please note: There are designated day lockers available in the Men's/Women's Changeroom. You may bring your own lock. We will not have rental locks.

Please note: There is no towel service. You must bring your own.

You may keep your belongings in your Instructor meeting spot along the benches of the wall (It will have the Instructor’s or class name) and wait in that designated spot for the class to begin. Just before it begins, participants can remove their masks and walk to the on-deck shower

Please note: showers are not available in the changerooms. Participants must use the on-deck shower before entering the water


The Lesson Process:

  • The instructor will always maintain physical distancing from students, except in the case of emergencies. 

  • For All Group Lessons; caregivers are REQUIRED to be in the water with the student. Students without a caregiver will not be permitted in the water. 

  • For All Group Lessons; students and caregivers are all to maintain physical distancing at all times. 

  • Equipment used for the lessons are thoroughly cleaned before and after each use by staff. 

  • For Private lessons, caregivers will be required in the water if the student is unable to swim independently.


After Your Lesson:

  • To ensure our staff have adequate time to disinfect the teaching areas and touchpoints, please leave the Aquatics area in a prompt manner at the end of your lesson – don't forget to collect your belonging and reapply your mask!

  • Once you have quickly changed, please exit through the same way you came in. 


If you have any feedback about the class, please let us know at swimlessons@mnjcc.org and we’ll be happy to respond as soon as we can


Thanks to the generosity of Freddie Shore, the Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre is able to offer free group swim lessons to children in financial need. Through Mr. Shore's generous continued support, the MNjcc can extend its reach and continue its important work towards preventing unnecessary drowning tragedies. For more information about the Freddie Shore Learn to Swim subsidy, contact Wendy Moss at (416) 924-6211 x231 or wendym@mnjcc.org.




Swim lessons will recommence in the fall of 2021.